NU Packaging offers an array of stretch films for your company. We offer machine stretch and hand stretch rolls for your every need. Whether wrapping pallets or pieces of art, we have the stretch solution for you. Call us today for a quote on stretch products.

AEP Stretch Film division is the leading stretch film company in North America innovation – size – service – and quality. With our five ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facilities and a relentless pursuit of quality we can deliver our customers the right products at the right time. AEP leads the market in innovation by keeping ahead of the pack in new product development. Our new products developed in the past 5 years account for more that 30% of our business and a much larger percentage of our growth. Our diverse product portfolio will keep you competitive while being able to offer your customers packaging solutions that will deliver the "Lowest Cost per Load – Effectively Shipped".

Machine Stretch

We offer many different options for your machine stretch film application.

  • 100 Gauge
  • 80 Gauge
  • And much more...
  • 75 Gauge
  • 61 Gauge
  • UVI Coated
  • Custom Tinted

Hand Stretch

We offer several different variations of hand stretch from AEP. All are 18", with different gauges available. We can get cast and blown stretch. We stock blown stretch for hand, but are capable of getting cast.

  • 70 Gauge
  • 80 Gauge
  • 90 Gauge

AmTopp stretch film is produced in four plants located in Lolita, TX, Houston, TX, Charlotte, NC and Phoenix, AZ. As a division of Inteplast Group, we produce the most cost-effective, high-performance products in the industry and use the most technologically advanced equipment and superior raw materials. AmTopp manufactures machine film, hand film and specialty films for our customers.

Machine Films
Machine stretch film designed for high speed and automated operations. We offer regular high-performance machine film, X-Treme machine film and lower-gauge highly engineered LoadStar machine film to accommodate all applications and load types.

Hand Films
Hand stretch film designed for easy application and strength. We offer conventional hand film, stiff hand film and our highly engineered, high-performance series, LoadStar.

Specialty Films
Both machine film and hand film with UV protection and in various colors for your special applications.

Western Plastics began operations in (1967), in Galway, Ireland. Other branches include Calhoun, Georgia opened in 1984, Temecula, California opened in 1991 and Mississauga, Canada opened in 1999.

With Western Plastics, we carry a wide variety of stretch film. Our 3" and 5" hand stretch, both Blown and Cast films, come from Western Plastics.

  • 20" 80 Gauge Blown
  • 18" 80 Gauge Multi Colored
  • And much more...
  • 3" 80 Gauge Blown
  • 5" 80 Gauge Blown
  • 5" 80 Gauge Cast