Part of getting your product out to your customers, is making sure it's secured and arrives safely. Strapping your product down is an effective way to do just that. We carry multiple types of poly strapping and different thicknesses and gauges of steel strapping. We also stock all the clips, clamps, and buckles you need to secure the strapping to your product.

What good would having strapping material be, if you didn't have a way to tension, seal, or cut the strapping? We offer all the tools you'll need to help you get the job done right, and in a timely manor, to help get your product out and to your customer.

Polychem has been in the strapping business for over 40 years. Their expertise and knowledge help make sure you are getting the product you need.

  • Flexband Machine Grade Polypropylene
  • Econoband Hand Grade Polypropylene
  • Megaband Hand Grade Polypropylene
  • Machine Grade Polyester
  • Hand Grade Polyester

Part of the tools available through NU Packaging, is strapping machines. They range from manual hand tools, to battery operated tensioners and sealers, all the way up to fully automated strapping systems. Contact someone in our sales department to see which solution is best for you.