With our Online Ordering System (OOS), you're able to see the products you purchase on a regular basis and order them any time of day or night. No need to bother your sales representative, fax in an order, or have to write up an email risking it being misunderstood. Our OOS is user friendly, intuitive, and convenient.

The OOS also gives you a complete order history including total amounts, who ordered it, and your PO. At the end of each month you automatically get a full report of your orders for that month. Giving you a quick glance at your order history and how much you have purchased.


With our system, we have the capability to have multiple users for each company. Giving you the flexibility of utilizing multiple people for orders. In the Order History you can quickly see who has ordered what, and when.


Once an order is submitted through our system, a complete copy is sent to yourself, and anyone else that needs to be copied. If you have an ordering manager that needs to be kept in the loop on all orders, that persons email can easily be added to received a copy and report. A copy is also sent to the appropriate sales representative, keeping them apprised of your order history as well.


NU Packaging is proud to say we are on the leading front with online ordering in our industry. We are constantly evolving to keep us at the front and to better accommodate our customers. If this is something that you are interested in, please contact your sales representative. If you currently are not one of our customer, but would like to part of our Online Ordering System, email us using the Contact Form. Someone will be in contact with you shortly.