One of the most important components of packaging is the protection you provide your product. We carry all of the necessary products to support your packaging and shipping. We also can provide machine solutions for pillows and foam-in-place. Call us today and let us tell you about our solutions for your packaging needs.

DurabubbleVL has been engineered to maximize your packaging dollar with a lite bubble version of our renowned DurabubbleRP. Available in standard form, DurabubbleVL is puncture resistant and is made with non-slip polyethylene lm allowing the bubble to be tightly wrapped around the contours of products, regardless of shape and size; protecting edges and corners from damage.

Key Features
Value Stretch
Ability to be tightly wrapped around the corners and contours of products protecting from damage
Environmentally Friendly
Using 23% less materials than our DurabubbleRP, this product is 100% recyclable. It contains up to 20% recycled contents and is CFC Free
Tacky Film Surface
Product remains stationary when packed or during shipment
Excellent Clarity
Product remains highly distinguishable when packed and allows automatic scanners and retailers to view through the material
Good Tensile Strength
Bubble maintains integrity under stress to give products superior protection
Excellent Air Retention
Bubble stays inflated to provide continued protection

Increase productivity with Storopack’s versatile inflatable packaging air pillow machines. Choose from a variety of air cushion packaging products for void fill, wrapping, and block and brace.

AIRplus® air bag packaging is the perfect option for fast, lightweight void fill. This type of block and brace packaging gently holds your products in place during transport. For protective wrapping, Storopack offers AIRplus® Cushion Film and AIRplus® Bubble for an on-demand bubble style wrap.

Storopack’s air cushion machines are designed for speed and performance. They’re compact enough for a single packaging table, yet powerful enough to integrate into a high-volume packaging delivery system. Variable speed controls allow you to manage the system for your application.